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Lump in the Right Neck, This is the cause

Lumps in the neck on the right are generally caused by swollen lymph nodes, which can also mean many things. Know the causes of lymph node swelling and any health problems that trigger the appearance of a lump in the right neck. Lymph nodes are part of the lymph system which is an important part of your immune system. This is why if there are disturbances in the body, then the nearest lymph node will enlarge, for example due to bacterial, viral, fungal infections, or if inflammation occurs. Swollen lymph nodes are generally caused by ear infections, sinus infections, tonsillitis, oral cavity infections, glandular TB, and bacterial infections of the scalp. Although generally benign and harmless, enlarged lymph nodes can be a sign of an infection or more serious health problems, such as cancer that spreads through the lymph system such as lymphoma, nasopharyngeal cancer, or the spread of cancer cells from primary organs that pass through the lymph flow in the neck. Salivary gland tum
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Swollen lymph node medication that must be according to the cause

Lymph node medication is only needed if the lymph nodes are impaired, for example when experiencing a bacterial infection or in other more dangerous conditions such as cancer. Lymph nodes are oval-shaped organs with small size. Lymph nodes contain immune cells that are in charge of attacking foreign substances or pathogens. Lymph node locations are spread on various parts of the body such as the neck, armpits, and groin. Fighting Sources of Disease Lymph nodes will actively work, when the body is attacked by disease. In this condition, the lymph nodes will send cells that fight the source of the disease, so that it can cause inflammation of the lymph nodes, known as lymphadenitis. The doctor will suggest using lymph node drugs under certain conditions. Drugs are generally given in the form of anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers, such as aspirin or ibuprofen. If there are signs of bacterial infection, the recommended lymph node medicine is antibiotics. Swollen lymph gland

Understanding the Uses of Tahitian Noni for Health

Tahitian noni or Noni originating from Tahiti is believed to be able to overcome all your health complaints due to the content it has. Is it true that this content is effective in dealing with various health problems? Find out information about the health benefits of Tahitian noni here. In addition to Noni, Tahitian noni or Morinda citrifolia, also known by many other names, such as cheese fruit, Indian mulberry, Hawaiian noni, noni juice, wild pine (wild pine), Ba Ji Tian and various other terms. This plant, which is widely grown in Southeast Asia, Australia, India and the Pacific Islands, has long been used as a coloring agent, a remedy for skin, colic, cough, fever, constipation, and various other health problems. However, health experts consider that there is still much research that needs to be done to test the clinical effectiveness of Tahitian noni fruit. The US Food and Drug Administration or the FDA itself continues to issue a ban on Tahitian noni producers regarding non-f

Psychological tests can identify the type of mental disorder that is felt

When under severe stress or overwritten by a problem, it is likely that someone will experience psychological or mental disorders. Psychologists can help by conducting various psychological tests to find out the causes and ways to deal with the stress or problem. Psychological tests are widely known in offices to determine personality, IQ levels or understand the strengths and weaknesses of employees. However, a psychologist can also do psychological tests on someone who has a mental or psychological disorder, to find out the cause of the disorder. Written Tests and Interviews The role of psychologists in overcoming psychological disorders is not just a place to tell stories, but at the same time helps someone to improve the life that is lived next. It aims to restore healthy behavior, including improving relationships with others, teaching how to express emotions better, or thinking more positively. Someone who has a mental disorder generally will experience changes in emotions

This Causes Metabolic Acidosis and How to Overcome It

Blood needs a balance of acids and bases in order to function properly. If the acid levels in the body are too much then the body will experience acidosis. If this condition occurs because of a disturbance in the metabolic process which decreases the levels of bicarbonate in the blood, then it is called metabolic acidosis. This situation is often associated with kidney disease. Symptoms that may be a sign of metabolic acidosis, can vary. But often people with metabolic acidosis will experience shortness of breath accompanied by headaches, feeling weak and tired, becoming confused, breathing quickly, increasing heart rate, vomiting and stomach aches, to reducing appetite, and can even be accompanied by decreased awareness. Some of the causes of metabolic acidosis include: Lactic acidosis The content of lactic acid that is too much in the body is a trigger for lactic acidosis. This increased production of lactic acid levels occurs when the body's cells do not have enough oxyge